I have had the pleasure of knowing Ray Philbrick for a few years, and always have greatly admired his creativity. His ability to find beauty in everything, and make everything beautiful is amazing. Within Ray’s photography he let’s you see other aspects of his subject, and actually takes you into the scene and has the ability to make you feel like you are actually there and taking the photo yourself.


     I feel what sets Ray apart from other artists and simply has a person, is that he allows you to express what you see or what you would want to see, and builds his artistry around that, which is very rare when working with an artist. His passion and enthusiasm is so contagious, that if you have never picked up a camera, by the time you are done, he makes you feel like you have been in photography for years. 


     Another aspect of Ray that makes me proud to call him a friend is his sense of humor, sensitivity and loyalty. Most would question what that would have to do with being an photographer, but fortunately for him, he takes that and you can feel that in his photos, and if you have the pleasure of working with him, it makes the experience amazing. And even once the camera is put away, you still just want to be around him, because people like him do not come around very often. 


     I do have to admit that with talking and working with Ray, at times he has not given himself the credit that he deserves, but after looking at his photos, you cannot praise him enough, and want him to photograph anything and everything that is important to you because he can capture the feeling you have, whether it is nature, a hobby or even special life changing moments such your child, home or your wedding day, and treasure it for a lifetime. 


     Ray Philbrick is definitely one the area’s greatest hidden talents, but I know personally and professionally that will greatly change over time, and everyone will be able to appreciate what he has to offer, and I am lucky enough to say that I have already have! 


                                                                                                             Amy Shadday 

                                                                                                                       Of Harrisburg 




     Professional, funny, courteous... Just a few words to describe my working experience with Ray Philbrick. Ray was truly a pleasure to work with and I can't wait to model for him again. I can honestly say there are not many photographers like Ray. Ray spent countless hours working with me on my photo shoot. He helped me build my modeling portfolio and my time with him taught me so much about photography and modeling. Ray is definitely a photographer any model would want to showcase in their portfolio.


                                                                                                            Amanda B.





Like a flower trembling,

waiting on the verge of bloom

I sit here watching your eyes

as they seek, find and accept

the incompleteness of my soul,

the flawed and shadowed wants, yearnings and desires.


Waiting to be unleashed,

opening, unfolding,

basking in the dawn

of a new self awareness.


The whispers remain

deep inside,

scared, shreds of doubt.


Slowly with an artists touch,

you erase the very last traces of fear and instead replace them

with empowering confidence

in the beauty you've seen.


Revealed through the lens

as you capture me.

Vulnerable, safe.



                                   Amanda Y.