Naked Is Not Porn. This is the guiding mantra that drives photographer Raymond Philbrick in his work with the human body. Raymond has a passion for showing the public at large that the human body is a beautiful subject matter and canvas. Raymond's work challenges the societal concept that nudity is sinful or taboo. His artwork exemplifies the body and life around it. The thought provoking concepts that Raymond creates can at times be humorous, disturbing or seductive, but all are created without the body as its central focus.

Originally born in San Diego, California, Raymond moved at an early age to Central Pennsylvania. He is a 1997 Graduate of Red Land High School. Raymond's Studio and personal residence is located in the heart of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Raymond takes full advantage of being so close to major cities such as New York and Philadelphia as well as the plentiful country sides of PA to find just the right settings for his artistic visions.

Raymond is a self taught photographer that has been experimenting with cameras since an early age were he developed his skills and discovered a talent for showing beauty from an unusual perspective. His work primarily is concentrated on the female form, though you will see males in his work as well. He has found that women are particularly critical of their bodies and through his imagery Raymond is able to break away the societal restraints of what constitutes an attractive woman. It is often the case that even his models are surprised by what he is able to capture through the camera lens.

As a child Raymond was raised in a family where sexuality was accepted and natural. Working in the adult industry at various clubs, Raymond quickly learned that society did not approve and could not see people they way he did. He saw that women in this industry were using their bodies as a means to market beauty and yet very few of these women had the confidence in themselves to understand the true beauty they did in fact posses. This simple ideal is the driving principal behind Philbrick Photography. To be naked in its self is beauty and does not need to be viewed as a negative or inappropriate form.

Raymond has shown his work in both the Second Floor Gallery and Gallery 13 in Mechanicsburg Pa.